A tree does not become a tree because it wants & needs to. Becoming a tree is the most natural expression of its being. The in-formation what kind of a tree will manifest, is already present in its seed. All the seed needs is a fertile ground, nature's care & the trees natural ability to let go of the old.

As the tree, we as well - human beings - have the potential to manifest the most natural expression of our being. But because of our human nature, we need to be properly informed, provide ourselves for a fertile soil & practice the basic steps to the dance of letting go. 

After we've done all of that, in today's environment, we'll still need to remind ourselves in our day-to-day lives.

  • Steven Pauwels
  • Founder of Scent&Sense. 



The mission of Scent&Sense is to touch & discover our heARTs & by offering what we find inside, impact the world in a Divine way.