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The dream

“It is only by pushing ourselves against the limits of our reality that we get to see and feel what is holding us down from living what were are wired for. We are all wired for exploration. We are wired for the pursuit of a dream.

But as we fall into the trap of the normal, we often lose the excitement of adventure and substitute it with short-lived pleasure in various forms. Our inner conditioning starts to manifest around us. We fall victim to our own unconsciousness and psychology clearly shows that our default disposition is negatively biased. 

The creation of a dream provides us with a custom made adventure, with the opportunity to discover and manifest our potential along the way. The dream provides for sufficient meaning to make each journey worthwhile, whatever our conditioning.

Saying that a dream is a giant mind fuck, is one end of the spectrum. Saying it is the creation of the most intimate love affair is close to the other side of the spectrum. Both are true and the journey is ventured in between the two.” - Steven Pauwels. 

1. Introduction to the dream

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.”  – Harriet Tubman (1822 – 1913) Pursuing a dream is a crucial element to awaken out of the normal and carve a custom-made adventure out of life. A dream is very similar to a mission but has a few specific characteristics that make the difference. For one, […]

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2. A dream versus a mission?

We all have different meanings attached to the words we use. It is often the cause of many misunderstandings. Adding to this is that what we say and what we mean isn’t always the same. If we would all have learned our vocabulary from the same dictionary, it would be different, but we don’t learn the meaning of words that way. We attach meaning from the context through which these words appeared into our lives. […]

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3. The function of a dream

The adventure through the potential of life is a journey through consciousness and aliveness. Depending on the dictionary, different meanings are attached to the word adventure. Risky, unusual, potentially dangerous, hazardous action of uncertain outcome, …, and I was pleased to see “often of a romantic nature” in the descriptions as well. But what I didn’t see as much as I would have imagined in the attributes are exploration and discovery. In my experience, these […]

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4. The foundation and preparing the grounds.

Once we’re informed about the five basic principles of our human nature, we’re ready to build the foundation of our adventure. Preparation and training allow us to venture more gracefully through our first layers of resistance when life touches upon them.   The foundation of our journey is trust. If we’re going to explore the unknown, we have to choose to trust in something bigger than ourselves. We need to make a choice to trust in […]

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5. A first bad draft !

Defining a dream is easy for some and very difficult for others. All creations alike, it is about the process. Just fertilizing the foundation for a while and allowing some space of mind is all that is needed. We can search and find, but there’s also the more natural way, allowing life to participate in the process. It is the way the process of co-creation is about as a whole. “What do we know what […]

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6. Clarity and engagement.

After writing down our aim, it is time to introduce the next two virtues; clarity and engagement. All virtues alike, we can understand where each virtue starts, but there’s no end to their meaning.  Our dream provides for the first sense of clarity. Clarity about what we aim for, the values we want to nurture, and clarity about what we want to stay away from. Read more bout clarity … Whereas the first glance at […]

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7. A new choice!

In our most natural state of being, we are all unfolding potential, expanding into consciousness. In our normal state of being, we’re holding ourselves down in more ways than we can imagine. It is part of our human behavior.   To shift out of the normal and lighten our human conditioning, into whatever it is, we might envision to create, taking on full responsibility for ourselves is the only way. It is our first engagement. If […]

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8. Intentions and the next steps.

Together with our engagement, our dream’s first version provides a solid foundation to create our custom adventure. You can also see this foundation as a pond, filled with all of what we wish for. We might wish that we’re able to just jump into this pond and take it all. Some marketing strategies might work that way, and some might be fooled. But, we are simply not wired for that. We are wired for incremental […]

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