Scent&Sense - The dream 02

The dream

“It is only by pushing ourselves against the limits of our reality that we get to see and feel what is holding us down from living what were are wired for. We are all wired for exploration. We are wired for the pursuit of a dream.

But as we fall into the trap of the normal, we often lose the excitement of adventure and substitute it with short-lived pleasure in various forms. Our inner conditioning starts to manifest around us. We fall victim to our own unconsciousness and psychology clearly shows that our default disposition is negatively biased. 

The creation of a dream provides us with a custom made adventure, with the opportunity to discover and manifest our potential along the way. The dream provides for sufficient meaning to make each journey worthwhile, whatever our conditioning.

Saying that a dream is a giant mind fuck, is one end of the spectrum. Saying it is the creation of the most intimate love affair is close to the other side of the spectrum. Both are true and the journey is ventured in between the two.” - Steven Pauwels. 

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