The First Leaf Collection

"An advent of change"

Product descriptions of the  First Leaf Collection and a first hint to their deeper meaning. 

About the collection

When I went to India for the first time, I did not exactly know what I was going to create. My aim was to create practical serving products and make them as natural as possible, without compromise. I selected bamboo, organic cotton & clay as potential ingredients & booked a ticket to Delhi. To ease my […]

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The becoming of a tree

The first leaf on a tree represents the advent of change, a new beginning. It is the first sign of what kind of tree is about to become. It is an early sign of the trees’ fullest expression of its being. The becoming of a tree is neither driven by any need nor want. It […]

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Expression of Light

3 Serving trays “serving from the heART”

Product description: A beautiful & fully functional set of serving trays made out of the precious anTEAK© wood with artfully crafted inlays of pine & steam beech wood. The hummingbirds & flowers are coloured with natural flower extracts, leaving a subtle colorisation. Depending on their use, it is best to nurture the precious teak wood with […]

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Large Jewelry Box “Treasure”

Product description: This jewel box is the flagship of the First Leaf Collection. This precious masterpiece is a demonstration of true craftsmanship. Precise laser cutting combined with skilful hand work make this the ultimate gift to give and receive. Your most valuable items will find their home. This precious jewelry box can serve as a […]

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Structure invites

A4 File Folder

  Product description: This file folder, beautifully carved out of the precious « reclaimed » anTEAK© wood, is the big brother of the A5 file folder. It comes in a pinewood inlay or a fabric inlay. This folder also holds A4 size papers & notebooks. Just like his little brother, he serves perfectly around the house & […]

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Awakening of our senses

Complete incense set “awakening”

Product description: Incense is one of the elements to bring us in touch with the present moment. They are used in all sacred spaces and with many different rituals  They evoke our presence. The complete set consists out of 7 different flavors & are linked with 7 virtues; compassion ( holy tulsi), freedom (lemon grass), […]

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Inner Journey

Set of 3 nested cubes

Product description. The nested cubes were the very first creation of the entire collection. They serve in many different ways all around the house and in the office. The engravings on the cubes point to elements of the structure of reality. Dimensions:  (outer cube): L118 x B118 x H118 (mm). Includes: set of 3 cubes […]

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A5 File Folder

Product description. A very practical & beautifully finished organizing box, made out the precious «reclaimed» anTEAK© wood. The inside is covered with colored natural fabric with typical Indian prints. Each present is unique by the use of the materials & the nature of its creation. The A5 File folder serves to perfection to organize all […]

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Medium Jewelry Box “Present”

  Product description: This jewelry box is carved out of  the precious « anTEAK » wood. It is available with pine inlay or Gaji silk inlay. Inside are two precisely fitting trays to organise your valuable belongings. All fabric used is hand woven Gaji silk in the Scent&Sense colours.  A beauty to be given & received. This […]

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