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Jardin d’Art is the home of Scent&Sense. A traditional Moroccan style house in the Medina of Marrakesh transformed into a house of exploration & co-creation.

In 2005, the house was renovated & served as  “maison d’hôte Alamanda” for 10 years. In the beginning of 2016, the house became the home, showroom & main atelier of Scent&Sense.

Another door opened in the unfolding of a forgotten dream.

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Interior design & Home decoration…

While co-creating my second collection, I started cleaning, transforming & decorating my new home. A whole new world of meaning came about as I incorporated the basic understanding I gathered on my journey so far.

Interior design & home decoration got a deeper sense & meaning. It is without doubt a possible beginning for the creation of a conscious & meaningful life. A life, where our experience of reality becomes the unfolding of our forgotten dream.

This dream unfolds, not by making big plans or investing large amounts of money. This dream unfolds by acting out new choices as they present themselves in every moment. 

My passion is the design & co-creation of conscious light & meaningful decoration. Now I know that going on the most courageous adventure can simply start by paying attention while cleaning up one’s room. 

I’m offering my collections for sales & distribution. I’m engaged to freely share all of the insights I gather during the unfolding of my own forgotten dream. 

Heaven knows how much consciousness we need to awaken  if we want to honor & respect ourselves & all of our  nature. We need more courageous people so we can restore trust & stop hurting ourselves & each other in so many obvious & subtle ways.  

I’m open to any form of co-creation to make a bigger impact in the world. 

Steven Pauwels

Offering 2019

Scent&Sense - creative experience

The Creative Experience


Combine a relaxing time with the creation of your own light.

Indulge in a creative experience in Marrakesh, from inspiration & exploration to the co-creation of your own light & decoration.

You'll be amazed how much insights the process of co-creation provides when looking from a different PoV.


Resale & Distribution

Boutiques & Light Businesses

Two timeless collections  are available for distribution & a wide variety of unique hand-made lights are designed with a multitude in mind.

A personalized touch can easily be done with all new co-creations.

It is my pleasure to invite you to Jardin d'Art in Marrakesh & explore possible ways of co-creation.

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Design & Co-creation

Hotels, Restaurants & Homes.

If you're looking for a unique touch for your project, I'll be honored to design & co-create some special hand-made lights & decoration.

From the initial intention, to the installation of the lights.

It is my pleasure to invite you to the Jardin d'Art in Marrakesh & explore a possible co-creation.