The creation of " The First Leaf Collection " was the advent of change I was longing for. The whole collection was designed by a set of specific guidelines & represents the beginning of my inner journey. A journey towards an unknown dream. After exploring several of the most natural sources in India & two years "down" the road, a collection of meaningful interior decorations came alive & touched me deeply.

After being invited to let go of some more, I started hearing some "new" tunes. As I touched upon a forgotten dream, I decided to engage with it. Now I'm sure, Life is definitely in favor of going for dreams. It is just not always what we thought it would be.

A collection of photophores, representing  15 of our inner virtues. They will be called upon, when we decide to go for our dream. The collection was designed & co-created in alignment with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to harmonize one's "home".

The tunes of the Divine

" Bringing harmony into our Home "