The lotus flower collection

Writings about the Scent&Sense lotus flower collection


  The journey towards our potential is about liberating ourselves from the conditionings that keep us from manifesting it. The challenge is that these conditions reside in our unconsciousness. Simply put, we forgot about them. But it is not because we forgot about them that these conditions & beliefs aren’t subject to our inherent capacity […]

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As a child, everything was new. Crawling around & exploring the unknown was exciting. Eyes wide open, we were in full wonderment of each moment. It is how we started our learning journey.  “Trust is part of our natural state of being.” Due to our human nature, our trust got broken in one way or another. […]

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Worthiness is the queen on the dance floor of life. She dances in all of her unique & surprising ways with her beloved partner. She acts in service of presence & together they serve the Divine. She often hides behind our conditioned victim role, like sleeping beauty, longing to be awakened. Presence will awaken her, […]

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Of all the tunes of co-creation, engagement has the deepest base. It makes the dance floor vibrate on its foundation. Engaging provides for the energy to awaken our clarity & honesty. Both deepen with each dance. “Engagement makes the dance floor turn around.” Our first engagement is taking up responsibility for ourselves or shouldering our […]

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Honesty is a tune that vibrates by sharing on the dance floor of life. A whole universe of music is playing inside of us & it is there that we can find our own song.  “The moment we allow ourselves to feel and act upon our inner world is the moment we get in touch with honesty.” […]

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Many experiences invite clarity. Being lost and having doubts are important ones. For as long as we are only identified with our character, a false sense of clarity is the tune we listen to. Only by dancing, new shades of honesty arise and alters the tune of clarity. Besides the different skills we develop throughout […]

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Presence is the masculine manifestation on the dance floor of life.  Together with worthiness, his feminine dancing partner, they animate the dance of life. Presence can be experienced as a state of being, beyond our personal story that allows all of life’s manifestations to be seen & expressed freely. Thoughts, emotions, habitual patterns &  seemingly […]

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“ I unconsciously suppressed what had happened on the dance floor of life. I disconnected from my inner senses and developed many strategies to protect my heart. I created many forms of ignoring my own consciousness. All of that is part of the dance. It is inherent to our human nature .”  Energy flows were […]

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