The lotus flower collection

Writings about the Scent&Sense lotus flower collection

The blooming of a lotus flower

Down, at the bottom of the waters, is where the lotus roots. It is only by rooting in the mud, that the lotus makes her way to the light. Slowly the lotus ventures through the waters, rising to the surfaces and settles on top of the water. By early morning till afternoon, the hoovering lotus […]

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About the collection

Honoring the tradition: The lotus flower collection, integrates several artisanal traditions of Morocco. Each tradition brings along a whole range of possibilities, provided the perfect setting for a co-creation. At least 5 different artisans participated in the co-creation of each flower. “Each presentation showcases how a vision can transform diversity  into one.” Inspired by our […]

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We cultivate empathy by imagining and understanding the situation and background of the other. Compassion, however, only arises out of our felt sense experiences of uncovering our own heart. “ I connected with compassion through the dance of letting go. It was only after seeing through my most important strategies of protection that I was […]

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Courage is the most mentioned tune on the inner journey. It defines the tempo on the dance floor of life. Always present in the background and called upon each time we’re invited to let go of different layers of protection around our hearts. Courage helps us face what lays covered underneath our beliefs and conditionings. […]

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Persistence, together with patience are the tunes that guide us towards the middle of the dance floor. In the center exists the magical here & wow. While savoring the moment, they remain present as bouncers at the door. They appear each time we go for a walk into the past or the future. “No matter […]

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Patience is a teacher of many insights & discoveries. The melody of patience is gentle, yet profound. It is a challenge to resonate with its deepest vibrations without falling into the trap of procrastination. Patience requires the ability to deal with all that comes up while doing nothing and invites more of our judgments to […]

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We easily connect with gratitude when life is smiling at us and we received something we wanted. But when we receive something that is needed, gratitude can be far away. It is by turning our attention inwards that we start to discover a deeper sense and meaning of gratitude. Gratitude takes us on a journey […]

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  Confidence does not mean we dance like we would have wanted to dance. It doesn’t mean we dance like others want us to dance either. Life’s experiences are not always as we want them to be. However, you may trust that they are always what we need to uncover more of our potential. “I […]

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  We all have been granted the capacity to create. It is one of our most precious gift. We create our own inner reality, but we co-create it with life.  “Dance after dance, we allow ourselves to discover the unfolding of  a larger plan.” “ The moment I started to see life as a learning […]

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